Since 2008 we are providing the European market with organic and Demeter apples of German, Austrian and Italian origin.


On behalf of our customers we are monitoring and auditing organic and Demeter certified apple producers who grow their apples in harmony with nature, thus guaranteeing a big biodiversity in their orchards.


Contrary to big conventional structures trying to get hold of the growing organic market for reasons of profit, we are convinced that our commitment towards authentic organic farming and workflow that correspond a full 100% with the idea that self-conscious critical customers have about organic farming makes the difference.

We offer


Organic apple


All popular varieties

Origin: Italy & Germany




We offer also

Service for Customers:


Continuous availability

Best possible quality

Fair prices

Fast deliveries

Claim management



Service for Producers:



Offer management

Market information


Monitoring payments



Service for Logistics:


Regular shipments

'2 Days before' notification

Monitoring payments

Dispatch management

Claim management




Our organic apples

Please feel free to contact us if you want more information on available varieties and our service, we would be pleased to answer your questions.

Best Regards.

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